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Power and Machines

Power and Machines

  • Exhibition date: Regular exhibition
  • Exhibition place:2F
The Chinese said about transportation, "In the south we use boats, and in the north, horses" and the Dutch had their traditional windmills- these traditions show that our ancestors using the powers of the nature; however, the powers of the nature are often restricted by the geological and climatic factors. The industrial revolution instigated a series of stimulation for the development of applications of powers and wide availability of the steam engine brought mankind to break through the restrictions of the powers of the nature, marking a milestone for the ability of mankind to produce power autonomously with a power generator. Developed up to date, the main directions of development in the science of power and machines is still focused on increasing the volume of power generation and power efficiency; these are also the key targets in the development of technologies. In this section, audiences will be introduced to the profound influence of Power and Machines to the lives of mankind.
Must-see in this section: reconstruction of the long-lost Chinese mechanical invention- the wooden mechanical horse.
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Power and Machines