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The Diseases Prevention Combat Camp(防疫戰鬥營2.0)

The Diseases Prevention Combat Camp(防疫戰鬥營2.0)

  • Exhibition date: Permanent exhibition
  • Exhibition place:4F

Planet Aqua Blue is under attack of an unknown virus. A troop of brave warriors must be recruited to go back to the future and enter the colony of mutated viruses. The viruses must be exterminated, otherwise beautiful Planet Aqua Blue will be destroyed and disappear forever...

------We welcome you to join us in the combat against viruses. We need you!------
The Diseases Prevention Combat Camp features 30 exhibition units, including 13 challenges, which allows participants to accumulate life value units, two reality expansion units, one theater, and four movies and animation films. The participants are free to take on any of the challenges and, at the end of the camp, a certificate will be award to each of the Disease Prevention Combat Troopers. Outstanding troopers will have the chance to win the honor of Golden Warriors and crowned in an open ceremony.
To ensure the best quality and education in the exhibition, the Diseases Prevention Combat Camp will be open for eight sessions and admit 120 visitors per day at the initial stage. Each session will last 50 minutes and adjustments will be implemented in the later stages. It is recommended that group visitors make reservations prior to the visit by calling the reservation hotline 0800-800-236.
Each entry is valid for one of the following sessions:

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The Diseases Prevention Combat Camp(防疫戰鬥營2.0)