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LOHAS Energy Conservation House

LOHAS Energy Conservation House

  • Exhibition date: Permanent exhibition
  • Exhibition place:Southern Hall

Energy conservation should be a common goal of every person in the nation and promoted through education. A Cool Energy Conservation House has been built in the Taipei Zoo, which is similar to the Lohas Energy Conservation House in the National Science and Technology Museum Kaohsiung. These structures aim to promote energy conservation through green architecture.
In addition to instilling the concept of green architecture in the heart of our little citizens through school education, this exhibition will also provide knowledge of green architecture to the general public and instill the concept of energy conservation in heart of the citizens.
Our everyday life is inseparable from the use of energy. In the age of severe resource shortage, we need to learn ways and build the right attitude to effectively utilize the limited resources on Earth.
In view of this, the Bureau of Energy (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) joined forces with the National Museum of Science & Technology to build the LOHAS Energy Conservation House. It is a structure that integrates architectural design, energy-saving exterior, high-efficiency facilities, and clean energy to achieve minimum energy consumption. It is an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and comfortable green structure, certified as a Golden Class Green Architecture. Through a tour to its energy-saving exterior, life energy-saving, and clean energy exhibition, we will bring visitors to see the importance of energy-saving architecture and how this energy-saving concept can be implemented in the regular houses.

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LOHAS Energy Conservation House