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National Science And Technology Museum



[Notice] During the COVID-19 epidemic prevention period, from 3/27, full implementation of the "real-name admission system" and suspension of "special facilities" services.


In response to the severe outbreak of COVID-19, we only open a single entrance for visitors to enter. Visitors need to measure body temperature while entering museum (Not to exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius). Hand sterilizers (alcohol) are provided for disinfection and we also adopt other epidemic prevention measures. A real-name admission system will be implemented since March 27 (Friday). Visitors must complete real-name registration (including filling in real names, cellphone numbers, recent foreign travel history, health history, and etc.) before they purchase tickets for admission, and staffs have to record the time of both admission and departure of visitors to know how long they stay in the museum to better implement the epidemic prevention.


To cooperate with the epidemic policy of ministry of education, all special facilities will be temporarily closed.


The NSTM has strengthened cleaning and disinfection, and we have established an epidemic prevention network with you to protect our city and everyone's health. Relevant epidemic prevention information and changes in activities will be announced on our website and Facebook from time to time to apprise the public.


Epidemic prevention line of Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government

 (07) 7230250.

Epidemic Prevention Line 1922.


Period: March 27, 2020 –June 7 ,2020

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