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National Science And Technology Museum



SPECIAL EXHIBITION - HotSnow Adventure Paradise


It is a rare experience for kids in Taiwan to play sled, snow circle, snowman in the snow, we are glad to build a snow adventure paradise at the ambient temperature, using our exclusive patterned material “HotSnow”. You will be excited when you play the sled and snow circle in our snow slope; and you can also have fun by making a snowman in our snow-area. It will also snow periodically in our snow paradise to make you feel in the real snowfield.

We also have a three-level climbing adventure playground including two themes: icefield-area and jungle-area. There are many facilities in the playground that can improve kid’s physical fitness and dynamic equilibrium. We hope all the kid in our playground have fun and develop the attitude of proactive participation and interactive learning.

HotSnow Adventure Paradise sincerely invite you to try the snow activities in our HotSnow paradise, and play hard in our climbing adventure playground. Moreover, you can also have a funning basketball game in our Kid’s basketball court! Welcome to have fun with us!

Exhibition Period: January 26, 2020 –January 3,2023

Venue: The Star in the Universe (B1F)



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