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Agronomy Wonderland .Intelligent Agricultural Machinery(農藝其境 智慧農機 技職體驗)

Agronomy Wonderland .Intelligent Agricultural Machinery(農藝其境 智慧農機 技職體驗)

This exhibition is closed since 16th September 2021 for elevator engineering and renewing. The geological and climatic conditions in Taiwan are well-suited to agricultural development. However, in the face of current trends, the most pressing question is how can we apply technology to develop agriculture in response to the challenges posed by a declining population of farmers and changes in the global environment?   To promote technical and vocational education in agriculture, the Department of Biomechatronics Engineering at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology collaborated with the National Science and Technology Museum. They combined theory with practice in the field of intelligent agricultural machinery. Their efforts were aimed at developing talent in this field.

HotSnow Adventure Paradise( 熱雪天堂探索樂園特展)

HotSnow Adventure Paradise( 熱雪天堂探索樂園特展)

HotSnow Adventure Paradise   It is a rare experience for kids in Taiwan to play sled, snow circle, snowman in the snow, we are glad to build a snow adventure paradise at the ambient temperature, using our exclusive patterned material “HotSnow”. You will be excited when you play the sled and snow circle in our snow slope; and you can also have fun by making a snowman in our snow-area. It will also snow periodically in our snow paradise to make you feel in the real snowfield.   We also have a three-level climbing adventure playground including two themes: icefield-area and jungle-area. There are many facilities in the playground that can improve kid’s physical fitness and dynamic equilibrium. We hope all the kid in our playground have fun and develop the attitude of proactive participation and interactive learning.   HotSnow Adventure Paradise sincerely invite you to try the snow activities in our HotSnow paradise, and play hard in our climbing adventure playground. Moreover, you can also have a funning basketball game in our Kid’s basketball court! Welcome to have fun with us!

 Marvelous Pinbull(奇妙彈珠台)

Marvelous Pinbull(奇妙彈珠台)

Why are the prizes for the two spots next to the sides always the best ones for pinball machines in night markets? Take a closer look at the paths the marbles roll off. When a marble hits the first separation point, it can bounce off towards the left or right, and then continue to bounce off towards the left o right when it hits the next separation points until the marble eventually reaches the bottom. The image formed by this rolling path is exactly a triangle. This is called the "Yang Hui Triangle" in the East and the "Pascal's Triangle" in the West.   As such, there is a higher probability for a marble to roll towards the middle during the rolling process. There is only one route to reach the left- or right-most bottom spots. That is why the grand prizes are always set at these side spots.