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XR Traversal Experience(XR穿越體驗特展)

XR Traversal Experience(XR穿越體驗特展)

The special exhibition "XR Traversal Experience" with a high rate of customer stickiness. Date: August 11, 2020 to August 31, 2021 Location: 2F Many exciting traversal and outdoor playground of 3D visual scenes, rotating your body by 360 degrees,giving you the ultimate pleasure of the experience! Welcome to the exhibition!       Safety Rules: Height Limitation: 110cm~200cm (3.7ft.~6.5ft.) Weight Limitation: 20kg~100Kg  (44lbs~220lbs) For the participant under the age of 12,need to be supervised by parent or guardian Participant with any one of following health issue is “NOT” allowed to ride: Heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, asthma,congenital epilepsy, pregnant women, osteoporosis, habitual dislocation, dizziness, drunkenness or obvious unconsciousness, or who have just undergone surgery and other sudden illnesses