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National Science And Technology Museum


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Museum Alive
  • Museum Alive

  • Screening date:2017/07/01-2017/12/31
  • Genre:Digital 3D
  • Length:40min.
  • In this stunning new film from the team behind Flying Monsters 3D, Penguins 3D, and Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland, audiences are taken on an incredible adventure behind the scenes at a world-class natural history museum. When all the visitors have left and staff have locked up for the night, the shadows reveal that the most fascinating exhibits of long-extinct creatures come alive. Fusing a dramatic storyline with hard facts, David Attenborough interacts with dinosaurs, enormous snakes, sabre-tooth tigers, an abominable snowman, and more in a magical mixture of photo-realistic CGI and live action. Based on a close collaboration between museum experts and animators, the creatures represent the latest scientific research as well as being beautifully realized. Against the backdrop of London's atmospheric, Hogwarts-like neo-gothic Natural History Museum, audiences will thrill to see iconic animals from the past live again, and come to understand their origins, behavior and significance.
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