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  • Exhibition date: 2018-12-20~2019-03-03
  • Exhibition place:2F
An automaton is a mechanic device that can complete certain actions via transmission mechanisms under their own power. Such devices often take the shape of mannequins, animals, or plants and entertain people with actions or performances.
The creation of automata originated from the desire of humans to create life in their own image, and there are related myths and legends in both eastern and western cultures.
With thousands of years of development around the world, automata reflect the local craft technologies and cultural styles at the time and are historical evidence of technological exchanges between the east and the west.
This Exhibition invited creators: Tsung-Yi Lin, Chi-Chun Yin and I-Hsiu Tang to exhibit their 76 works. Moreover, there are workshops, lectures, works on site by the exhibitors. You can also join the DIY activities during the exhibition. Welcome to visit!

Date: December 20th 2018-March 3rd 2019
Venue:1st Exhibition Hall (2F)
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