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National Science And Technology Museum


Theater Introduction

Opening Hours:

Open between 9AM and 4PM. 8 sessions are played daily on the hour. (Any changes will be posted on the day)

*English version soundtrack (with Alternative language Mandarin & English Subtitles) will be shown on the first show(09:00 am), for reservation only and the second show(10:00 am) of every Sunday in March and Septemeber.


Previews- There are two TVs at the theater entrance playing trailers of current and upcoming movies to provide the audience with the latest screening information.

Cheapest Prices- $150 for 3D movies. Audience can still enter the theater after screening begins. Please refer to the admission prices for more information on discounts or ask the staff.

“Family Session”-Open to children below 90cm in height. Please refer to the admission rules or ask the staff.

For details aboutmovies, ticket prices and sessions please refer to the movie introductions and session timetables.

Theater Description:

The Theater is located in the Round Hall. The entrance, exit and projection room are all located at the ground level. Inside the entrance, follow the ramp downwards and you will reach the movie theater 10m below the ground. The theater itself is in a fan-shape  26m deep and 19m high. The super large screen is 6 stories in height. The 304 seats, including 4 seats for wheelchair users are arranged into 10 levels with the top level reserved for wheelchair access.

The Superior 4K Digital Projector:

1.4" Enhanced 4K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema chip. Fully DCI compliant, the only 4K DLP solution able to provide the world’s most brilliant 3D images, the highest level of content security.

★Type:Christie CP4230

★Brightness:34000 Lumens

★Resolution:4096 x 2160 pixels

★Contrast:2100 : 1 full filed on/off

The brightest 3D system, innovative three-beam optical system:

★The HORIZON3D cinema system, a patented for this 3D system, innovative three-beam optical system, it takes 3D to new levels of brightness and picture quality — with better light efficiency, more vivid colors, and sharper images than any other 3D system.

★Type:MasterImage 3D/HORIZON3D

★33% light efficiency:Break the 28% barrier. This pioneering three-beam optical system and reflection technology preserve more light than any other 3D cinema system, achieving 33% efficiency.

★0.8 throw ratio:The HORIZON3D is the first and only high-brightness 3D cinema system to support a throw ratio of 0.8, allowing us to present bright, crisp 3D even on the widest screens.

★Full color gamut:Current high-brightness 3D systems keep out certain color wavelengths, resulting in lackluster images. The HORIZON3D does not filter color, resulting in a more vivid 3D experience.

★Clearest image:The stable optical design and three-beam method of the HORIZON3D reduces keystoning and produces 3D images with extremely low crosstalk (less than 2%) for maximum clarity.

New 3D Glasses :

★MasterImage 3D eyewear is precisely designed to match the optics of our 3D system, ensuring the sharpest visuals and most comfortable viewing experience.

★Highest-quality circular polarized lenses.

★Optimized for MasterImage 3D cinema systems.

★Lightweight and comfortable designs.

New 3D Sliver Screen Hight-frequency adjoining(seamless) :

★Type:Spectro/SP Sliver 240

★Cloth material:PVC(Fire-proof)


★Half-gain viewing angle:± 35 degress

★Size:23.60m * 17.23m

Multifunctional 3D Theater
Last Update:2023-03-01