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National Science And Technology Museum


NSTM Lanterns of Love

“NSTM Lanterns of Love – Lighting Lanterns to Spread Love” campaign

NSTM has organized “NSTM Lanterns of Love – Lighting Lanterns to Spread Love” campaign, where individuals make a $10,000 NT donation for every lamp to help economically disadvantaged students to receive more educational resources. It is NSTM's hope that this campaign will achieve the goal of integrating the museum's resources with social and educational equality.


Incessant love enlightens budding scientists – It′s great to have your support!

NSTM will strive to uphold the philosophy of helping school children from disadvantaged homes to learn at the museum. At the same time, we cordially invite you to join the ranks of philanthropy with us. All institutions, organizations or individuals are welcome to donate NT$ 10,000 for every NSTM Lantern of Love to let economically disadvantaged students receive better educational resources! If you wish to know more about the program, please contact us, and we will be glad to offer any assistance, thank you!

I. “NSTM Lanterns of Love – Lighting Lanterns to Spread Love” Goals:

  • Increase the public's access to science education and lay a solid foundation for popular STEM education, overall achieving the objective of integrating technology with modern lifestyles.
  • Provide economically disadvantaged school children with field trips, improve studying conditions and ensure the development of science education by organizing the “Lantern of Love Tour”.
  • Provide a credible charity platform designed to highlight the power of a society's love and make a difference.

II. Details of “NSTM Lanterns of Love – Lighting Lanterns to Spread Love”:

  • Establish a public welfare fund 401(k) account to subsidize the expenses for inviting economically disadvantaged school children to visit NSTM for educational purposes.
  • Accept “NT$ 10,000 per lamp” donations from philanthropists, and the NSTM Lanterns of Love will be provided for charity donors to write down their blessings and full name.
  • Receipts will be issued for donations, and they can be used for tax deduction purposes.
  • The names of charity donors and amount contributed will be disclosed on NSTM′s “Lantern of Love” webpage.
  • Charity donors will be invited to attend “NSTM Lanterns of Love – Lighting Lanterns to Spread Love” during the Lantern Festival.
  • Thank-you cards will be issued, and each card entitles 2 persons to visit NSTM′s permanent exhibitions free of charge for an entire year. Moreover, each card can be used to purchase 2 permanent exhibition hall tickets and 4 movie tickets for 3D Theater at group discount prices.

Please contact NSTM's lighting Lanterns to Spread Love staff if you have any questions.


Lighting Lanterns to Spread Love team hotline: 07-3800089 ext. 8478 (Mr. Tsai)

Lighting Lanterns to Spread Love team fax: 07-3878748

Last Update:2022-09-02