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Open Government Declaration

I. Mean and scope of licensing

All the data and materials posted at the official website of the National Development Council are protected by copyright and are available for public use exclusively without compensation for facilitating the extensive use of website materials for all people. Users may reproduce, modify, edit, transmit publicly or any other means of using these materials irrespective of time and place for the development of various products or services (hereinafter referred to as “derivatives”). This form of authorization will not be revoked. Users are not required to obtain any authorization from the entity in writing or any other means. However, the sources of information shall be cited when using the materials.

II. Important notice:

(I) The scope of licensing falls within the scope of copyright protection only and is not applicable to any other intellectual property rights, including but not limiting to patents, trademarks, and the supply of logos of entities.

(II) Whether the personal information voluntarily disclosed by the parties concerned or as required by law be collected, processed, and used or not shall be governed by the requirements provided by the Personal Information Protection Act. Users shall duly observe the requirements under law in planning the disclosure of personal information.

(III) The entity hereby specifically declared that, part of the audiovisual data, pictures, music, essays by particular authors or other works shall be subject to the consent of the parties concerned before using.

III. No infringement against the personality right of works of a third party (including the right of expression of names and prohibition of improper modification).

IV. No malicious change in related data and materials authorized for using in this context. If the data and materials after using exhibited variation from the original version of the data and materials, the users shall be liable for all legal consequences, civil and criminal.

V. The licensing under this website does not authorize users to give recommendation, recognition or approval of the position of the derivatives on behalf of and in the name of the entity.

Last Update:2020-09-25