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Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet
  • Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet

  • Screening date:2021/07/01-2021/08/31
  • Genre:Digital 3D
  • Length:42min.
  • Please wear a mask when entering.

    Presented by BBC Earth, Oceans: Our Blue Planet takes audiences on a global odyssey to explore the largest and least explored habitat on earth. New ocean science and technology has allowed us to go further into the unknown than we ever thought possible.

    From the coastline to deeper, more mysterious worlds, the untold stories of the oceans' most astonishing creatures are revealed. In the warm coastal shallows, viewers meet surfing dolphins, and an ingenious tusk fish that uses a tool to crack open its food. In the enchanted sea-forests, a cunning octopus uses shells as armour from predators.

    As we journey through our oceans, we share these extraordinary discoveries and uncover a spectacular world of life beneath the waves.
Dinosaurs of Antarctica
  • Dinosaurs of Antarctica

  • Screening date:2021/07/01-2021/08/31
  • Genre:Digital 3D
  • Length:41min.
  • Please wear a mask when entering.
    From the Permian through the Jurassic, journey to the south polar landscapes of Antarctica hundreds of millions of years ago. Roam the primitive forest and thick swamps with bizarre dinosaurs and colossal amphibians. Enter a surreal world of bug-eyed giants and egg-laying mammal –where survival means enduring the sunless, six-month polar winter surrounded by meat-eaters with night vision. Join intrepid Antarctic scientists on a quest to understand the ice continent’s profound transformation over deep time–investigating the parallels and differences between prehistoric climate events and human-triggered warming today. Welcome to the lost prehistoric world of Gondwana…welcome to Antarctica.
    Dinosaurs of Antarctica tells the story of a changing environment at the bottom of the world. In ancient times, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures roamed freely in a lush landscape. Today, the continent of Antarctica holds the evidence of that ancient world, frozen beneath its ice and snow. As the climate changes again, melting Antarctic ice is allowing scientists to discover the remains of the past—including the fossils of those distinctive dinosaurs.

Film showing time

09:00-16:00, 8 displays a day (any change will be announced on site)


Film pre-screening - two TVs are installed at the entrance of the cinema for film screening or pre-screening; new information is provided at any time. The cheapest cinema tickets - NTD150 for 3D movie. Viewers are allowed to enter the cinema at any time. For other information, please check the list of fees or request information on site.

*English version soundtrack (with Alternative language Mandarin & English Subtitles) will be shown on the first show(09:00 am) and the second show(10:00 am) of every Sunday in March and September.

*English version movie for group reservation is available from now on , please download reservation form this form.