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National Science And Technology Museum


Reading Instructions

Popular Science Library is an attached library to the museum, featuring the function of assisting the museum in promoting popular science.
In order to provide an environment for concentrated reading, the public is to abide by the following rules upon entering:

I. Opening hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm on Mondays to Sundays. Closed during Chinese New Year Holidays.
II. Please do not bring backpacks and food inside; please store in the locker if necessary.
III. The library is for general referential readings only, and does not provide borrowing, internet surfing and self-studying services.
IV. Those who bring their own laptops are to abide by the following computer usage convention:

(I) Using computer inside the reading room is for looking up relevant information and taking notes only.
(II) No one is allowed to download inappropriate software or become involved in improper online trades when using computer in the reading room.
(III) The reading seats are provided for readers’ usage, please do not occupy for a long period if you are not reading.

Last Update:2023-01-09