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Biotech Classroom

Biotech Lab

Biotechnology is one of Taiwan’s targets of technological development. In current curriculum, related courses are only offer at university level, and no biotech course is provided at senior high school level or below. People can only obtain bits and pieces of biotechnology from the reports in media.

National Science and Technology Museum is an important facet in the informal educational system, shouldering the responsibility of promoting science and technology education. We have established a complete biotechnology promotional education system that is connected with formal education. It educates the public to better understand knowledge regarding biotechnology more systematically. Therefore, in addition to promote the knowledge of biotechnology through exhibitions, we have also established a professional “Biotech Classroom” for public usage.


When you visit the Biotechnology Exhibition Hall, it is highly recommended you make a reservation in the “Biotech Classroom” activities. It is because you can obtain the “prior knowledge” through this visit. With many doing-science experiments and DIY sessions, you can build up a more substantial biotechnology conception.


The “Biotech Classroom” provides DIY sessions to schools and groups during weekdays. In weekends, summer vacation, and winter vacation, we design special courses and camps to cultivate students at elementary school and high school levels to broaden their perspectives and motivate their interests in science and technology.


The “Biotech Classroom” is equipped with all sorts of experiment apparatus and equipment, including microscope (atomic force microscope, inverted microscope, dichotomy and other optical microscopes) and models for biology teaching materials for the convenience of promoting all sorts of biology courses. Moreover, the classroom are all equipped with full sets of experiment equipment in plant tissue culture, and microbiology and genetic engineering. In recent years, we have sponsored many biology experiment contests for high school students, biology and microtechnology training courses for teachers in Taiwan, earning high acclaim from collaborative institutions.


If any sectors that need laboratories and spaces to conduct conferences or operate courses, they are invited to contact the National Science and Technology Museum. We can execute these projects in the manner of cooperative educational plans.

“Biotech Classroom” administrator: Chen Jui-chou, Science and Technology Education Section, National Science and Technology Museum

Tel.: 07-3800089 ext. 5124 email:

Biotech Lab

Water Resources Classroom

Water Resources Classroom

Global warming, climate change, and environmental pollution have already threatened the survival of human and the sustainability of the ecology. In order to solve all these difficult issues, other than seeking solutions with science and technology, it is necessary for us to promote “environmental education” to solve these problem from the root. “Water resources” is the key to creatures’ survival, as well as an indispensable issue.


National Science and Technology Museum is an important facet in the informal educational system, shouldering the responsibility of promoting environmental education. When the museum is newly founded we had already established the “Water Resources Utilization Exhibition Hall” to further promote “Water Resources Education.” In addition to the function of “exhibition” and knowledge promotion, we establish the “Water Resources Classroom” in 2009 to inspire people with the understanding of and alert people awareness of the importance of water, our environment, and issues on energy. With various DIY activities, we hope to establish people’s proper concept about the use of water resources. The “Water Resources Classroom” is located on the 4F of the museum. In ordinary times, it is opened to students with the courses and experiments developed by us. During the weekends, we operate the “Sci-tech in everyday life and everyday life in sci-tech” series. We also provide courses (tuition fees required), camps during the summer vacation and winter vacation. To make our courses more diverse, we have added themed activities in water resources, air, waste treatment, and chemistry. It is hoped that by offering these lively activities, we can promote people’s interests in joining activities in sci-tech in everyday life. In addition, our lecture room is also a professional chemistry lab, equipped with all sorts of apparatus and equipment in chemistry experiment (pH meter, turbidimeter, transparency meter, dissolved oxygen detector, decibel meter, thermostatic water bath, titration apparatus, and more). In recent years, we have held many chemistry camps and water quality testing activities for students of elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school, winning high acclaims. The service contents of the Water Resources Classroom are as follows:

  1. Support school teaching: In collaboration with schools’ outings we have designed the activity “Science Engineering Challenge – Water Vanguards Challenge.” The course is design with the theme of “water resources education” that allows students to conduct DIY activities and experiments to obtain general understanding and knowledge of the theme to achieve the goal of helping schools in teaching. For groups with 20 students or more are welcomed to make appointment with us.
  2. Science demonstration: Demonstrate experiment lectures and explain related theories in order to motive people’s interests in different themes.
  3. Short courses: In accordance with the level of related knowledge we have designed themed activities for students, teachers, and the general public during the holidays, summer vacation, and winter vacation to orient them with general understanding of related themes. If you and your institutions need Classroom of this kind to conduct conferences and classes, welcome to contact us. We will operate them in the manner of cooperative educational plans.


Contact: Science and Technology Education Section, National Science and Technology Museum

Tel.: 07-3800089 ext. 5119


Water Resources Lecture Room
Water Resources Lecture Room


Robot and Programming Classrooms

Robot and Programming Classrooms                              Robot and Programming Classrooms


       In recent years, new technologies such as Robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been the focus of forward-looking research in many countries. These new technologies are also the key technique for future Industry 4.0. To make human life more comfortable and convenient, Taiwan has integrated robotics and programming applications into new technology industries. In addition, robotics and programming applications have gradually affected our lives. For example, several service robots have made our lives more convenient, and various robots have replaced human resources. On the other hand, many people concern robots may totally replace human resource in the future. Increasing people scientific and technological literacy can help them care for or support technology applications. National Science and Technology Museum have the responsibility of promoting education in robotics and programming applications. Emphasis on the integration of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and design knowledge, so that students can strengthen the connection between the interdisciplinary knowledge and engineering. Therefore, National Science and Technology Museum established "Robot Classroom" and a "Programming Classroom" on the second floor of the South Complex in July 2018, to integrate various classes such as LEGO robots, m BOT robots, Arduino, Scratch and mobile APP programs. "Question-oriented learning" is our core concept. Students can learn robotics and programming principles, and operate their robots or program to solve problem. The most important is they enjoy the fun of exploring new technologies. Robot Classroom is equipped with various types of robot activity teaching aids such as notebook computers, LEGO robots, m BOT, Arduino, humanoid and robotic arms. Programming classroom is equipped with notebook computers, various teaching software and teaching broadcasting systems. We will provide systematic or experiential robotics and programming related courses to help participates learning robotics and programming skills in Robot and Programming Classrooms. Moreover, we also want to improve the robotics and programming skills of the public and K-12 students.


Robot and Programming Classrooms                              Robot and Programming Classrooms
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