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National Science And Technology Museum



In an era of technologically advanced societies and encouraged lifelong learning, how can we provide the people of Taiwan with more in-depth understanding about the influence technology and its developments have on integrating technology with life. Not only is technology a prominent player in life, but it also facilitates individual survival and development, fosters social progress, and sustainable developments in the country. That's the goal of NSTM in promoting popular science education.

In conjunction with MOE’s four major policies:

  • Cultivate modern citizens (humanitarian scientists and scientific humanitarians)
  • Establish Taiwan’s national identity (of Taiwan, by Taiwan, for Taiwan)
  • Expand global perspective (internationalization, globalization, village of earth)
  • Reinforce social care

NSTM will strive to achieve the following goals in light of the aforementioned philosophy:

  • Establish comprehensive collections policies in order to collect, purchase and maintain relics of technology.
  • Increase channels for utilizing museum collections and digitize relics of technology.
  • Implement exhibit update mechanism to phase out old exhibition themes and revitalize the museum exhibits.
  • Plan science education activities and teaching aids in conjunction with education policies and school resources.
  • Strengthen public service functions, capitalize on media and community resources to formulate diverse marketing strategies and increase NSTM’s visitor numbers.
  • Improve NSTM’s public safety by creating an outstanding environment and enhancing service quality.
  • Automate administrative tasks and promote an online lifelong learning channel.
  • Reinforce NSTM’s digital services and elevate work efficiency.
  • Create a digital library and provide different information through the online database; establish themed libraries on the Museum's research topics.
  • Improve inter-museum exchanges and host academic seminars to improve the standard of research within the Museum.
  • Set up a Museum Mall that combines technology, recreation and education.
  • Boost museum attendance and build a world-class museum.
Last Update:2023-07-26