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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear Friends, thank you for visiting the website of the National Science and Technology Museum (hereinafter referred to as “This Website”). We shall duly respect and protect your personal privacy right. We would like to let you know the Privacy Right Protection Policy of This Website for your peace of mind in using the services provided thereof.

I. This declaration of policy is applicable to all websites set up under the domain of National Science and Technology Museum (i.e., the domain name is but not other external websites through the linking function of This Website. You are advised to consult the privacy right protection policy of relevant websites being linked to. This Website disclaims any responsibility thereof.

II. This Website will not collect any of your personal information while you are browsing This Website or in download of files from This Website. The various forms of services provided by This Website may request update and true information from you, like your name, ID card number, telephone number, e-mail, and mailing address depending on the services you requested. The personal information collected by This Website will be used within the scope of services provided by National Science and Technology Museum or as required by law for interactive use. Unless the law specified otherwise, This Website will not use your personal information for any other purposes. Furthermore, This Website will keep the name, ID card number, e-mail address, method of contact and the login time at the moment you used the e-mail service or other interactive functions. This Website will also keep the records automatically generated by the server at the time you browse or conduct search on web pages of This Website. The records will contain information on your IP address, login time, browsing record and clicking record. These data will be used for internal traffic and behavior survey and analysis by This Website so that better service quality could be provided. This Website will not particularly target your personal profile for corresponding analysis. It is the onus of This Website to protect your privacy, and will not modify or delete any part of your personal information and files without your consent or in compliance with the following:

1. Through legitimate means.

2. For the protection or defense of the rights and proprietorship of other Internet population.

3. For the protection of the rights and privileges of the functional units related to This Website.

This Website shall not sell, exchange, or lease out any part of your personal information to any group, individual, or private enterprise at free will unless under the following circumstances:

1. In supporting an investigation of the judiciary.

2. In supporting the needs of related authorities in investigation or use as required by their duties.

3. For the service and maintenance management of This Website and system adjustment in compliance with applicable laws and codes in security protection.

III. This Website will spare no effort in installing proper security measures for protection with the use of relevant hardware and software. In addition, the mainframe of This Website will be regularly scanned for weakness and system defects with remedy. A network log analysis system has also been installed at This Website to detect abnormal record and information. For willful vandalism or any attempt to intrude into the mainframe will be blocked under relevant security measures and will be reported to police authorities.

IV. In the use and transmission of personal information, this Website reserves the right to keep, use, process or transmit the personal information being acquired for specific purpose or as permitted by law with effect on the day the service is activated to the end of 6 months after the termination of service, and will use the personal information in Taiwan only. This Website will provide reasonable technology and programs for protecting the security of personal information in due diligence.

V. In the use of cookies, This Website will use cookies as a tool for communication and identification with you. The purpose is to provide you better service and make it convenient for you in engagement in personalized interactive events. In addition, This Website will also write and read Cookies while you are browsing for purpose of statistical compilation on the visitor population and the analysis of the mode of browsing, which will be served as reference for This Website in making improvement. You may prefer to not accept Cookies, and may revise your level of acceptance of Cookies from the setup menu of the browser (in IE, choose “security” from the “Internet Options”). Should you elect to reject all Cookies, you may encounter difficulty in using the services provided by This Website, or participating in some of the events.

VI. For your self-protection, please keep your personal information, user ID and PIN properly. Do not make the above information available to a third party with your PIN in particular. Please log off after using the services provided by This Website. If you share a computer with the others or use a public computer, be sure to shut off the window of the browser to avoid a third party to read your information.

VII. This Website will keep abreast of any change in the social and legal environment or technological advancement thereby will revise and post this policy at any time where appropriate, and will choose the most advanced technologies and the update version of law to protect your privacy over the web to its entirety. Please read this policy as you browse in This Website for the protection of your rights and privileges.

Should you require further information on the privacy right policy declaration of This Website, please contact us by email at:

Information Security Policy

Any unauthorized attempt to upload or modify the content of any information contained in This Website is strictly prohibited and may also be a violation of applicable laws. For purpose of the security of This Website and the sustainability of services to all online users, This Website provides the following security measures for protection

* The installation of firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, sabotage, or theft or damage of data to avoid the illegal use of This Website and the protection of the rights and privileges of the users.

* Installation of antivirus software with regular scanning for virus infection so as to provide a safer browsing environment for the users of This Website.

* Simulation against a hacker attack at any time where necessary. System recovery will be conducted after the occurrence of a security event in the exercise drill with appropriate protection.

* Security maintenance alert messages from the operating system manufacturer or the application program suppliers will automatically be received. This Website will proceed under the advice from the e-mail messages and install a suitable PATCH.


Last Update:2018-02-14