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National Science And Technology Museum


Science Learning Center

Origin of Science Learning Center 

In 2014, with the implementation of the 12-year compulsory education , the Ministry of Education established a science learning center for the three major social education institutions in North, Central and Southern Taiwan (National Taiwan Science Education Center, National Museum of Natural Science, and National Science and Technology Museum), positioning it as a teacher professional growth platform.

We look forward to combining the features and resources of the three museums in science and technology education with the planning of diversified teaching modules, teachers can take the rich and interesting resources of the museum back to school. In addition to raising the professional development of teachers, teachers can effectively enhance students' interest and literacy in science. 

The initial planning and implementation of the Science Learning Center mainly focuses on developing and promoting interesting hands-on teaching materials that meet the needs of the curriculum, cultivating teachers’ habits of using teaching aids and hands-on experiments to arouse students' interest in science. In 2016, the fruitful results of its implementation have enabled the Museum to obtain the support of K12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education to organize the promotion of scientific education resources, continue the collection and promotion of scientific materials. 

Using innovative thinking and transforming existing education resources to provide practical assistance to primary and secondary science education is in fact the central thrust of our science education promotion. The museum will continue with a cautious attitude to develop teaching resources for the museum characteristics of teaching resources. It will deepen its partnership with the school system and carry out teachers' professional training so that more teachers can promote the development of teaching materials and teaching aids in school classrooms. We look forward to promoting the improvement of students' scientific literacy effectively.


Last Update:2021-03-22