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National Science And Technology Museum



Service team

Our service team includes the director-general, deputy director general, collections and research division, exhibition division, technology education division, visitor services division, secretariat, personnel office, and accounting and statistics office. In addition, due to the needs of the museum's development, task forces, such as the information division, cultural and creative promotion division, and science relics checking center were established.


Director-General:Chen Hsun-Hsiang


Director-General:Shiunn-Shyang Chen

Responsibility:General management of the museum affairs.

TEL(07)3800089ext:8301 . 3866618

Deputy Director-general

Deputy Director General: Tsai Hsieh-Tsu


Deputy Director General:Wu Pei-Hsiu

Responsibility:Assistance in museum management.

TEL(07)3800089ext:8306 . 3846412

Collections and Research Division

Director:Lin Chung-Yi


Director:Lin Chung-Yi

Responsibility:Collection, preservation, research, publication, appraisal and academic exchange of items concerning science and technology.

TEL(07)3800089ext:5205 . 3802090

Exhibition Division

Director:Wu Pei-Hsiu


Director:Chen Chi-Hsia

Responsibility:Planning, design, production, apparatus operation, maintenance, and management of science and technology exhibition and theatrical programs performance.

TEL(07)3800089ext:8650 . 3958804

Technology Education Division

Director:Chang-chien Chih-Ting


Director:Chang-chien Chih-Ting

Responsibility:Planning and execution of science and technology educational activities.

TEL(07)3800089ext:5135 . 3843554

Visitor Service Division

Director:Wang Liang-Chuan


Director:Wang Liang-Chuan

Responsibility:Promotion, marketing, ticket office, guided tours, visitors service, volunteers service, and community relationship development, etc.



Director:Chen Chi-Hsia


Director:Chou, Wan-Rong

Responsibility:Utilities, air-conditioning, security, IT system, purchasing, documentation, and landscaping.


Personnel Office: Responsible for managing human resources.


Accounting and Statistics Office: Responsible for managing the museum's annual budget, accounting, and statistics.

Last Update:2020-05-12