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National Science And Technology Museum


Technology Education Activities

In order to achieve the goal of "science experience and experience science", the museum handles a number of science education activities, through scientific experience learning, everyone can through hands-on experience to understand science is everywhere, to achieve the goal of “ brings technology closer to life, improves life via technology” , to cultivate a learning environment for everyone being a scientist. We plan to handle the following wonderful scientific activities: 

1. Field Trip: A variety of DIY activities for school off-campus teaching.

2. Weekend Experiencing Science in the Hall: Free science experience activities in the main hall on weekends.

3. Weekend Science Activities: A variety of scientific activities in the science classrooms on weekends.

4. Camps: A variety of summer/ winter camps for students.

5. Creative Arts School: Exclusive adult courses on weekends and evenings.

6. Science Competition: Conducting National Energy Science and Technology Creative Contest, National Hand Launch Glider Contest, and many other competitions.

7. Science Learning Center: Providing lesson plans and teaching videos of science activities for teachers.

8. Poverty Alleviation and Rural Care: Providing DIY activities and visits for disadvantaged groups and students in remote areas.

9. Environmental Education Certification Courses: Environmental education related courses and activities are available.

10. Elderly education: Providing courses for senior citizens to promote self-learning concept.

11. Science Seminars: A series lectures of "Reading Masters of Science on Sundays at the Museum" and "Meeting Masters of Health Science at the Museum" at the South Complex.

Last Update:2018-03-15