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Open Sesame(科學開門)

Open Sesame(科學開門)


1. Due to the implementation of the new curriculum and limited manpower, funding, and facilities in the schools, both students and teachers are in need of external help.
2. Hands-on experiments are essential in the nature and life science course because experiments bring students in-depth experience.
3. Museums have the facilities, human resources, and teaching aids to help the middle and primary schools in science education.
1. Offer students another mode of learning.
2. Offer high quality field teaching for students and teachers of Grade 1-9 and reinforce the educational functions of the museum.
3. Students will benefit from the learning facilities, especially for children in Southern Taiwan.
4. Subjects: students and teachers of Grades 1-9.
5. Offers a comfortable stress-free environment for hands-on experiments and guides visitors to explore and experience science.
6. Bring visitors to appreciate the beauty and experience the fun of science.
1.Museum as Laboratory
2.Work shop as Exhibit
3.Learning as Inquiry
4. Science and technology found in life
5. Linking nature and life science courses curriculum
6. Science treasure hunting
7. Large exhibits are designed and placed at the focal points of the high-roof exhibition hall.
Exhibition Areas
This exhibition hall is divided into six areas based on the categories of the academic aptitude test under the themes of mountain, racetrack, and laboratory. The six areas are named The Door to Science, On the Peak, Medical Care, Crossing Time and Space, The Bottom Line, and Racing Track.

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Open Sesame(科學開門)