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4D Space travel(4D太空飛行)

4D Space travel(4D太空飛行)


Here, you are welcome to experience and enjoy space travel without rigorous training necessary for astronauts. Space is as wonderful as it is dangerous, and we are about to set off from a rocket launch site to enter space. Can we survive the challenge? Let us forget the Earth and enjoy our flight from a perspective never experienced before!

Location: 6F​ Space Exploration (BEYOND THE CLOUDS)
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 09:00~12:20;13:00-16:10
1.Experience time: 7 minutes
2.Experience capacity: 6 people
3.Experience Limits: Visitors shorter than 110 cm, pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease or physical discomfort, people with involuntary ability and physical  and mental disabilities, those who cannot use the facility properly on their own, and those who weigh more than 80kg can not get on this ride.


1. Need to purchase tickets in advance. 2. At the information desk on the 1st floor or the ticket vending machines on the 2nd and 4th and 6th floors.

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4D Space travel(4D太空飛行)