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The Story of Taiwan Agriculture(臺灣農業的故事展示廳)

The Story of Taiwan Agriculture(臺灣農業的故事展示廳)


This exhibition is temporarily closed since 16th September 2021 for elevator engineering.

It transforms agricultural and scientific knowledge into vivid and lovely biological images by using science, models, images, graphics and other interesting technologies. The public can enjoy the development of Taiwan's agricultural diversity through observation and interactive operation. The public can also choose a selection of 5 agricultural stars in the hall: rice, pig, banana, Phalaenopsis or grouper, and collect accumulated funds to build a virtual farm, learn economic biology breeding and related Taiwan agricultural knowledge.

Highlights includes 
  1. Ornamental shrimp:Experience shrimp fishing through the screen to learn colorful shrimps. This exhibit can be experienced by 4 visitors at the same time.
  2. Interactive with animals: Interactive with animals at the same screen by AR and Kinect.
  3. Seedless Watermelon: learn how to grow a seedless watermelon by interactive exhibit.
  4. Interactive DNA block game: Experience completing DNA structure by leap motion exhibit.
  5. Smart Agriculture: Introduce Smart Pig Farming Industry ,Smart Cattle Farming Technology and Smart Chicken Coop.

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The Story of Taiwan Agriculture(臺灣農業的故事展示廳)