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Da Vinci - The Genius

Da Vinci - The Genius

  • Exhibition date: 2010-05-29~2010-09-12
  • Exhibition place:
Inventor, artist, scientist, engineer, sculptor, anatomist, biologist, musician, architect, philosopher... Leonardo da Vinci was all of these things and more.

Leonardo was the ultimate multi-tasker, the ultimate ideas man and the ultimate Renaissance man. He studied, experimented, discovered, conceptualised and communicated on an almost incomprehensible range of topics during his life from 1452 - 1519. Born out of wedlock and thus not afforded a formal education like his peers, Leonardo was largely self taught. He pledged to himself from an early age “to learn all there is to learn” and to challenge through experimentation and application of sound scientific principles everything that had been learnt before him.
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Da Vinci - The Genius