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The Forest and Me

The Forest and Me

  • Exhibition date: 2017-01-19~2017-05-28
  • Exhibition place:2F
The Forest and Me  
Sustainability, longevity, Impact on mankind
Forest, a place where is both familiar and unfamiliar for human. It breeds rich anima, people also call it the lung of earth. In this area, please to see, to hear, to observe with deep heart.
Forest is one of the most important ecosystem, many animals and plants perch here, moreover, it provide natural resources for human to build and use in normal life. For world development, forest makes a lot of contributions.
This special exhibition will present the topic via three aspects, forest sustainable management, traces of time for tree-ring, natural resources use for human. With vicarious, immediate interaction and theater participation, you will feel like walk into an actual forest, observe plants and animal, smell the wooden odor and experience the power of therapy from nature.
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The Forest and Me