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Special Exhibition of 2008 U19 Taiwan Creativity Competition

Special Exhibition of 2008 U19 Taiwan Creativity Competition

  • Exhibition date: 2008-12-19~2008-12-28
  • Exhibition place:

To hard-working students and office workers, dozing off is a huge problem, so how do they solve this problem? A group of young students combines creativity with technology to invent the “Dozing-off Stopper”. This Dozing-off Stopper chases away sleepy bugs and energize you for efficient work by refreshing you with extra oxygen generated from the electrolyte water that is recycled and reused in cycles through water condensation. This invention won the best original ideas in the 2008 “U19 Taiwan Creativity Competition” ; everyone gives the ingenious inventors two thumbs up.

The 2008 “U19 Taiwan Creativity Competition” is sponsored by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Science Council, Ministry of Education, and Council of Cultural Affairs and the 25 award-winning inventions will be on exhibition at the National Museum of Science & Technology Kaohsiung from December 16th to 28th. The U19 (under 19) Taiwan Creative Competition is now in its third year, and over 600 entries of creative ideas designed by young students under 19 nationwide were received this year. Some of them invent creative ways to improve interpersonal communication and tools to improve the living environment, and some of them come up with wild ideas to make life fun and interesting. These inventions speak the dreams of the young students born and growing up in the high-tech era.

To bring the public into the world of creative inventions, this year's U19 exhibition is designed with reinforced interactivity through multimedia technologies. It will be a great opportunity to experience the youthful energy in the wild ideas of the 21st Century generation.
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Special Exhibition of 2008 U19 Taiwan Creativity Competition