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Space Expedition- The 40th Anniversary of Apollo

Space Expedition- The 40th Anniversary of Apollo

  • Exhibition date: 2009-07-14~2009-11-01
  • Exhibition place:
In the 1960's, the US NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) opened and era of space expedition- the Apollo Mission. Huge amounts of resources were invested into the mission of realizing the dreams of the mankind-lifting off the Earth and flying into space.
July 21st 1969 (Taipei Time)- this is a memorable moment. Astronaut, Armstrong, carried the dreams of the mankind and successfully landed on the moon. “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” the words he spoke are remembered in history. When Apollo 11 landed on the moon, an estimated 600 million people witnessed the first step of man on the moon. For great curiosity and great ambitions, mankind overcame all sorts of challenges and went on toward further space missions. For 40 years, the space has become another world of brave expedition of mankind and the mysteries of the space have also been unveiled one by one.

On the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the Moon, the National Science and Technology Museum teams up with American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to organize the “Space Expedition- The 40th Anniversary of Apollo” photography exhibition, which is co-hosted by the National Geographic Channel. This exhibition commemorates the potentially dangerous missions of space expeditions in the past 40 years, featuring 40 large images of space supplied directly by NASA. These precious images will certainly convey the majestic sights of space. Documentary films for the Golden Anniversary of NASA will also be played in the exhibition. Through the precision telescope facilities, the immense world of the space will be brought before your eyes. This is a monumental breakthrough in the space technologies of the mankind. It will be very interesting; do not miss the fun.

Exhibition Time: July 24th (Fri.) to November 1st (Sun.) 2009
Exhibition Site: 6th Floor, Hallway of the Air Navigation and Aerospace Center, National Museum of Science & Technology
Organizers: National Museum of Science & Technology, American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
Co-organizer: National Geographic Channel
Film Time:
Name: 50 Years of Exploration: The Golden Anniversary of NASA
Time: The film runs repeatedly in cycle

Name: Apollo13
Time: 11:00am on July 26th (Sun.)

Name: Hubble's Final Frontier
Time: 11:00am August 23rd (Sun.)

Name: The Right Stuff
Time: 11:00am September 20th (Sun.)
Name: History's Secret2: Secrets of The Moon Landing
Time: 11:00am October 18th (Sun.)
※Location: 6th Floor, Hallway of the Air Navigation and Aerospace Center, National Museum of Science & Technology※

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Space Expedition- The 40th Anniversary of Apollo