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Locks and Keys 2000

Locks and Keys 2000

  • Exhibition date: 2000-05-23~2000-09-24
  • Exhibition place:B1
This special exhibition featuring “Locks and Keys 2000” primarily displays ancient locks and keys of China and the West that are provided by The Australia Museum of Locks and Keys and The Ancient Chinese Machinery Cultural Foundation.
The Australia Museum of Locks and Keys is located in Graz, the second largest city of Australia. Its collection holds more than three thousand pieces of locks, keys, and related artifacts, and the collection spans more than two thousand years of history. The foundation of the museum can be traced back to the rich, ancient local Iron culture. The museum has a history of 27 years. The incumbent curator, Mr. René Schneider, is the owner of artifacts. Out of his fervent love for the country land and special attachment to hometown, he has devoted himself for more than 30 years to collecting and organizing artifacts and information related with the Iron culture and to promoting the museum. The museum has offered 75 masterpieces to be displayed with this special exhibition.
The Ancient Chinese Machinery Cultural Foundation was established to popularize ancient Chinese machines culture, with the research & development and the restoration of ancient Chinese locks and extinct ancient machines as the endeavoring emphasis of the foundation. For the represent, the foundation collects nearly 600 pieces of ancient Chinese locks and keys, and at the same time conducts related studies and operates “The Ancient Chinese Locks Network Museum” on the Internet, which has received wide acclaim. Mr. Yan Hong-Sen, president of the foundation, is a professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University and director of The Ancient Chinese Machinery Research Center at the university Out of his mission to set in motion and popularize the traditional Chinese culture, Mr. YAN was for the first time ever generous in lending 78 delicate locks and keys of various types and providing plentiful information that have enriched this exhibition.
In addition to the displayed precious, delicate ancient artifacts, this exhibition also introduces information related with locks and keys, including locks & keys and culture, locks and keys of various types, manufacturing of locks and keys, history and knowledge of unlocking, and the development of Taiwan's lock manufacturing industry. It is hoped that, through the introduction of this exhibition, the public gain a better understanding of the development process of locks and keys and appreciate the diversity and plentitude of human technological culture.
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Locks and Keys 2000