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Past Exhibitions

 Scooter Experience(機車郊遊佛光山)

Scooter Experience(機車郊遊佛光山)

  • Exhibition date: 2015-07-03~2020-12-31
  • Exhibition place:4F
Temporarily Closed
It uses 3D modeling technology to simulate the real road conditions, so that the visitors can better experience the ride designed by the game. Traffic situations are integrated into the game to remind the riders to pay attention to the road.  For example, always use turning lights, be aware of the inner wheel turn of a large car, pay attention to the speed limit in different sections, and yield to ambulances.  This unit combines virtual reality (3D modeling, VR helmet) and reality (real locomotive, familiar road segments). The combination of immersive interaction not only creates a realistic ride, but also avoids the danger of accidents.  It is popular among many children and teenagers.

Location: 4F​ Pavilion of Dream Transport
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 09:00~12:20;13:00-16:10
  1. Only for visitors over 18 years old.
  2. Children under the age of 12 should not use the VR eye mask.
  3. Not recommended for patients with high blood pressure or dizziness.

1. Need to purchase tickets in advance. 2. At the information desk on the 1st floor or the ticket vending machines on the 2nd and 4th floors.

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 Scooter Experience(機車郊遊佛光山)