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Kite@Buteo Huang's Dream of Wings(風箏特展-黃景楨的夢之翼)

Kite@Buteo Huang's Dream of Wings(風箏特展-黃景楨的夢之翼)

As an ancestral form of aircraft, the kite has played multiple roles in our lives for thousands of years. Whether it is an activity based on rich folk traditions, wars that are aimed to protect a country and its fellowmen, truth-seeking scientific research, or leisure activities that help people relieve stress, and even elaborate artworks, the importance and impact of kites can be found in many aspects of life. Technological advances in the modern world have brought many more possibilities in kite creation.

Buteo Huang, a Taiwanese kite-builder, knows how to make the best use of advanced materials and a profound knowledge of structural mechanics and Taiwanese cultures, so as to bring a new face to this old invention in the modern era.

Welcome to this exhibition. You’ll be amazed at the number of kites, and come to appreciate the profound knowledge and artisanship through this richly diversified display.

【Kite@Buteo Huang's Dream of Wings】
  • Exhibition Date:2020-07-18~2021-03-14
  • Exhibition place:National Science and Technology Museum(B1F)
  • Organizer:National Science and Technology Museum、PROFLYING CULTURE CO., LTD.
  • Works Provided by:Buteo Huang/Taiwan Kite Artist
  • Opening Hours:Tuesday - Sunday 09:00~17:20
The Museum is closed on Mondays, Lunar New Year's Eve and Lunar New Year (open on Monday if it is a public holiday or make-up holiday). 

(Combined Tickets:Kite Special Exhibitions+Regular admission)
●Students/Children(ages over 3):$260(Student ID must be shown. Student ID of graduate school, community college, Open University and executive education are not applicable.)
●Discount:Seniors(ages over 65)/one accompanying person with Disabled:$150 (Valid identity needed.)
●Free:Children ages 3 & under 、People with disabilities(Valid identity needed.)

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Kite@Buteo Huang's Dream of Wings(風箏特展-黃景楨的夢之翼)