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The Probability in Life(機率特展)

The Probability in Life(機率特展)

  • Exhibition date: 2019-12-13~2020-05-31
  • Exhibition place:2F
The probability is usually expressed as a fraction or percentage. We often encounter the question of the odds in life. Examples such as whether it would rain or if you would win the lottery jackpot that can be clarified using scientific methods. Learning how to analyze the methodology behind these events will be an interesting exploration process.
The display unit is as follows:
A  The Problem of Division of the Stakes
B  Coincidence? Luck? Fate?
C Fortune Tellers Kiosk
D Sunny day 10% off, rainy day no discount!
E The Lock Has A Secret
F The Grand Prize Goes To…
G  Seize the Moment
H  Pig Granting Contest
I  Marvelous Pinball
J  Should You Play?
K  Guess What's Next
L  To Change Or Not !?
M  Mahjong Bingo
N  The Two Choices In Life

Adult $200 / Child (Age 3 up to University student) $180

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The Probability in Life(機率特展)
  • Pig Granting Contest

    Pig Granting Contest

    In fact, after a pair of dice are tossed and picked up, the dice have already "forgotten" the way they just landed. This is the “independence” of probability.
  • Marvelous Pinball

    Marvelous Pinball

    Why are the prizes for the two spots next to the sides always the best ones for pinball machines in night markets?
  • Guess What's Next

    Guess What's Next

    The principle of fairness means that the opportunities for each possibility are equal. In the case of a dice, either a cube or a regular polyhedron, the chances of each face to come up should be the same, that is 1/6 or 1/N with N being the number of faces.