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Stationery Island Adventure Special Exhibition(文具島大冒險)

Stationery Island Adventure Special Exhibition(文具島大冒險)

  • Exhibition date: 2022-01-15~2022-03-13
  • Exhibition place:2F
What pen can use in space?
How did early erasers erase handwriting?
What kind of scissors is the most labor-saving?

Invention begins with human needs and imagination.
The appearance of each stationery is closely related to the history of human evolution. For modern people, in addition to functionality, stationery must also take into account beauty and storytelling.
Come to the National Science and Technology Museum and discover the secrets of stationery with us!
There will be a total of 8 exhibition areas and 6 hands-on activities. With the theme of “stationery, cultural creativity, and design,” the stationery island rich in knowledge and fun is created, linking the history, science, and creativity of stationery. Stationery with historical significance and stories are exhibited and there are many cute animals on the island transformed from stationery such as scissors, erasers, utility knives, etc. There are also various settings such as “tunnel”, “forest”, “tribe”, “swamp”, “grassland”, etc., for the visitors to have hands-on activities and take beautiful photos.

After entering the exhibition, the visitors will receive an adventure lamp, an exhibition map, and hands-on materials. Follow the instructions on the map and complete various hands-on activities and tasks in this specially designed exhibition hall and learn about stories behind the invention of stationery, its scientific principles, and the scenarios for actual application . Enormous stationery installation arts are also available to take photos as mementos. There are precious stationery collections of many well-known stationery collectors, artists, and influencers, as well as the printed classic collections of the National Science and Technology Museum available that will fascinate you. Shops are set up in the exhibition hall to sell limited edition stationery and carefully selected goods. We welcome everyone who visits the island to take on this stationery adventure!

Standard ticket: NT$200
Concession ticket: NT$180 (for children above the age of 3 and students of university and college level and below.)

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Stationery Island Adventure Special Exhibition(文具島大冒險)