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Morphotower- An Installation Art of Magnetic Fluids

Morphotower- An Installation Art of Magnetic Fluids

  • Exhibition date: 2009-07-28~2010-10-31
  • Exhibition place:
Morphotower/Spiral Swirl is an installation sculpture of Sachiko Kodama built in 2009 for the National Science and Technology Museum.
Sachiko Kodama, a media artist, majored in Physics in her college years and completed her PhD in Art. After she began her teaching career at the University of Electro-Communications in 2000, she began a series of creative projects, themed “Protrude, Flow”, to explore the media of magnetic fluids.
A magnetic fluid is composed of micro magnetic particles carried in a water or oil based fluid; this fluid often appears in a black liquid form carrying strong magnetism. Magnetic fluids are far more versatile than regular iron sand in terms of the shapes they are capable of forming and very often complex three-dimensional life-like forms can be created.
Both “Protrude, Flow” and “Spiral Swirl” react to the noises in the exhibition space and respond with lively activities. Especially in the “Spiral Swirl” series, the magnetic fluid dances around the Morphotower to the rhythm and tempo of the music.
One magnetic fluid art presents a simulation of the rhythmic movement of a dining table; it is a display of the interaction between metal and magnetic fluids on a horizontal surface, centering around a “balance point”. Another installation, “Waves and Sea Urchins”, features roaming sea urchins splashing in a pool. The originality of the creations continues to receive the highest opinions in the exhibitions of art and science museums worldwide.
Sachiko Kodama, a professorial candidate of Tokyo University of Electro-Communications and media artist, has won the Grand Award in the Fifth Ministry of Culture Media Art Festival for the interactive media category, the Grand Award in Japan's Digital Contents Grandprix, and the Art Award from the Informatics and Sciences Association. She has been invited to exhibit at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Spain, Tokyo Art Museum, and Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Name of Exhibit: Morphotowerr/Two Spiral Swirl (2009)
Artist: Sachiko Kodama
Music: 日高哲英 
Technical Assistant: Miyajima Yasushi Sony CSL 
Trial Run; Wednesday thru Sunday; four openings per day (two in the morning and two in the afternoon; morning 10:00-10:15, 11:00-11:15; afternoon: 14:00-14:15, 15:00-15:15). Exhibition guides are available on weekends and holidays and admission for each show is limited to 40 persons only.
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Morphotower- An Installation Art of Magnetic Fluids