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Rice is Life

Rice is Life

  • Exhibition date: 2018-11-29~2019-03-03
  • Exhibition place:2F
“Rice is Life” Exhibition
“Rice” is one of the most staple food in the world and has been influenced economy and culture of Asia-Pacific area for a long time, includes clothing, food and entertainment. Even through the quantity and quality of rice have been increased, it is still not enough to feed all the world's population. Coupled with climate change and the impact of extreme weather, rice production and sales also require more research and development and creative input. In recent years, food security has become an important issue globally, and the future development of the rice industry is even more important.
Rice is Life is co-organized by the National Science and Technology Museum, the National Science Museum of Thailand and the Singapore Science Center. It invites members of the Asia Pacific Science Center to provide information on rice culture in various countries and work together to complete the first collaboration of members of the ASPAC. The display shows the use of rice in daily life, the rice nutrition, the production and marketing process, the world rice culture and the future of rice in a life-oriented perspective and diverse display techniques.
Date: November 29th  2018-March 3rd 2019
Venue: 2nd Exhibition Hall
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Rice is Life