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Parking Spaces Reserved for Pregnant Women and Drivers with Children Under 6 Years Old

  1. Vehicles not driven by pregnant women or drivers with children under 6 years old are not allowed to use reserved parking spaces.
  2. Violators shall be fined NT$600 to NT$1,200.
  3. A parking identification certificate must be placed on the front wind-shield.
  4. A parking identification certificate is limited to a Maternal Health Booklet, a Children’s Health Booklet, a parking permit or other evidence of having a pregnant woman or a child under 6 years old in the vehicle.
  5. Please contact Transportation Bureau(Tel: 07-2299802) to find Kaohsiung offices where parking permits are issued, and please make sure to bring a Maternal Health Booklet or a Children’s Health Booklet to pick up the permit.
  6. Please contact the NSTM parking management office for assistance if you didn’t bring any relevant certificate.  Please call 07-3909370.
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