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Carving Machine(印象深刻 - X、Y、Z軸電腦全自動雕刻機展示體驗)

Carving Machine(印象深刻 - X、Y、Z軸電腦全自動雕刻機展示體驗)

  • Exhibition date: 2016-01-01~Uncertain Date
  • Exhibition place:4F


The computer engraving machine is a seal engraving machine, which uses a computer to draw a font or pattern to be output by the marking machine. The computer marking machine mainly includes three parts: a computer mainframe, an imprinting software program, and an engraving machine. The imprinting software is installed in the computer and connected to the microstepping or servo drive controller. When the requested font and stamp size data are input through the computer interface, the marking machine starts to perform the marking operation. The computer marking machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, high speed and high precision. 

Location: 4F Aisle (West side near the elevator)
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 09:00~12:20;13:00-16:10
  1. Experience time: 3-5 minutes
  2. Experience capacity: 4 people


1. Need to purchase tickets in advance. 2. At the information desk on the 1st floor or the ticket vending machines on the 2nd and 4th floors.

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Carving Machine(印象深刻 - X、Y、Z軸電腦全自動雕刻機展示體驗)