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National Science And Technology Museum



Mini Train(電池小火車)

Mini Train(電池小火車)

  • Exhibition date: 2016-01-01~Uncertain Date
  • Exhibition place:4F


In order to promote "low-carbon and environmental sustainability" education and “energy-saving and carbon-reduction” concept, the National Science and Technology Museum has developed the " Mini Train ", which offers fun ride experiences for both adults and children.  As the "Mini Train " is driven by electric power, there are excellent environmental benefits.

Location:4F Aisle (West side near the elevator)
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 09:00~12:20;13:00-16:10
  1. Experience time: 2-3 minutes
  2. Experience Fee: Experience 1 pass per person
  3. Experience capacity: 5-8 people
  4. For safety reasons, kids must be accompanied by adults, it is not suitable for babies, pregnant women, or those with physical disability.


Purchase tickets onsite: 1. Need to purchase tickets in advance. 2. At the information desk on the 1st floor or the ticket vending machines on the 2nd and 4th floors.

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Mini Train(電池小火車)