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Current film screening


  • Screening date:2024/07/01-2025/12/31
  • Genre:Digital 3D
  • Length:20min.
  • This film explores the majesty of the largest animal ever to walk on Earth. The film takes viewers on a journey through the Southern Hemisphere of the Late Cretaceous period, exploring the life histories and environments of these long-necked sauropods, from dinosaur eggs hatching to towering adult titanosaurs.

    Titanosaur 3D explores the process by which scientists gather clues to understand and imagine these giant reptiles, revealing some secrets about their diet, anatomy, rapid growth and even their behavior. Through vivid and scientifically accurate computer animation, the prehistoric world of the Titans is brought to life in this touching and family-friendly celebration of the world's largest herbivore.
Saving Santa
  • Saving Santa

  • Screening date:2024/07/01-2024/12/31
  • Genre:Digital 3D
  • Length:20min.
  • At the top of the North Pole, Bernard is an elf in Santa’s workshop who’s always messing up. One morning, after sleeping in late, Santa kindly shows Bernard the oh-so-secret time machine on his sleigh, which almost no one knows about. Suddenly, Bernard finds army commandos raiding the North Pole, demanding to know the location of his coveted time machine. If the world were to discover the exact location and existence of the North Pole, it would ruin Christmas for everyone! Bernard runs to the time machine and activates the device, going back in time to that same morning. Now it’s a race against time to forge a plot with any elf that will believe his tale, and save Santa before the world finds out the secret of Christmas.

Film showing time

09:00-16:00, 8 displays a day (any change will be announced on site)


Film pre-screening - two TVs are installed at the entrance of the cinema for film screening or pre-screening; new information is provided at any time. The cheapest cinema tickets - NTD150 for 3D movie. Viewers are allowed to enter the cinema at any time. For other information, please check the list of fees or request information on site.

*English version soundtrack (with Alternative language Mandarin & English Subtitles) will be shown on the first show(09:00 am), for reservation only and the second show(10:00 am) of every Sunday in March and September.

*English version movie for group reservation is available from now on , please download reservation form this form.