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National Science And Technology Museum


Donate Books

Processing rules for donated books to the Popular Science Library at National Science and Technology Museum:

  • Our library accepts donated books. Any popular science books conforming to the themes of the museum are welcome. In order for the readers to understand the library’s range of acceptance towards donated books, the following rules are specially stipulated.
  • Items not accepted are as follows:
    (I) If the content has already lost its timeliness, or does not contain academic and referential value.
    (II) Textbooks, teaching referential books and examination books.
    (III) Magazines, songbooks and musical notations.
    (IV) Old, damaged and dirty books.
    (V) Political party and religion publicity books and referential materials.
    (VI) Pirated and publications in violation with the copyright law.
    (VII) Those in which the museum already has duplicates.
    (VIII) Does not conform to the collection development direction of the library.
  • The library has the right to determine the processing methods of the donated books, including the archive venue, display, elimination or forwarded donation.
  • Hotline for processing donated books: 886-7-380-0089 ext.5181
Last Update:2018-02-05