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Fantasy(Children's Science Center)

Fantasy(Children's Science Center)

Fantasy:Using a ship as a major image in the exhibition hall, Fantasy leads you to the "Snow Island", "Oriental Island" and "Tropical Island" to experience life science. You can experience the parabola principle by throwing balls in the "Snow Island". In "Oriental Island", you can easily wear exotic traditional costumes and take photos with the local landscape. The interactive games in the "tropical island" guide you to know the unique creatures of Madagascar and enjoy the fun of hunting fish. In here, you can have different experiences to discover the magic and fun of science.
KidsFest of 5 ASEAN Countries
The Special Exhibition is location in the "Fantasy" Exhibition Hall on the ground floor. By observing and experiencing the life of the children's home countries, the audience can enjoy the enriching childhood experiences from different countries. Learning different cultures can promote discussions and exchanges between residents and new immigrants. By exploring the educational and entertaining themes of this exhibition, children are encouraged to better understand one another.  For more :
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Fantasy(Children's Science Center)


  • Spotlight of Fantasy

    Spotlight of Fantasy

    Full-length Mirror:Without going abroad and changing outfits, you can easily wear exotic traditional costumes and take photos with the local landscape, but extra charge is needed if you need to print postcards.
    Unique creatures: Through multimedia interactive games, you can identify and recognize the unique creatures of Madagascar.
    Air transmission: Try to pass the balls through the air flow to test your concentration and peer cooperation.
    Fish Hunting: How to catch fish and survive in the wild ? Pay attention to the refraction of light and find out the correct position of the fish.