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 Building Blocks Center(砌.創.益.遊~兒童積木體驗區)

Building Blocks Center(砌.創.益.遊~兒童積木體驗區)

  • Exhibition date: 2018-09-28~Uncertain Date
  • Exhibition place:B1


The Fun City Showroom's "Building Blocks Center" is mainly open to children under 8 years of
age. A variety of building blocks are provided on site. Children can stack building blocks, create
structures and play.  Learning to construct, arrange, classify, and combine blocks can enrich
children's knowledge of color and shape and enhance their hand-eye coordination and hand
muscle development. Parents can also borrow Gigo theme-style sets to create structures with
their children.

Location: B1F Fun City (Children's Science Center)
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 09:00~12:20;13:00-16:10
  1. Experience time: The maximum time is 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  2. Experience Fee: Experience 1 pass per person.
  3. Experience capacity: 40 people for each session.
  4. Preschoolers must be accompanied by adults.
  5. For temporary departure, visitors can inform the service personnel and get stamped, and for re-entry please show the mark to the staff for confirmation.


1. Need to purchase tickets in advance. 2. At the information desk on the 1st floor or the ticket vending machines on the B1, 2nd and 4th floors.

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 Building Blocks Center(砌.創.益.遊~兒童積木體驗區)