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The Science of Cooking(烹調的科學)

The Science of Cooking(烹調的科學)

With the theme of "cooking", it presents the evolution of cooking, methods of cooking, the tools and functions, and the relationship between cooking and life through interactive, lively and interesting display techniques, leading the public to understand cooking. After thousands of years of development, all ethnic groups in the world have developed their own unique cooking methods and cooking tools. With the progress of social life and the rapid development of science and technology, cooking becomes a profession and science.

Power and Machines(動力與機械)

Power and Machines(動力與機械)

The industrial revolution instigated a series of stimulation for the development of applications of powers and wide availability of the steam engine which brought mankind to break through the restrictions of the powers of the nature, marking a milestone for the ability of mankind to produce power autonomously with a power generator. Developed up to date, the main directions of development in the science of power and machines are still focused on increasing the volume of power generation and power efficiency; these are also key targets in the development of technologies. In here, audiences are introduced to the profound influence of power and machines to the lives of mankind.



Transmitting messages through space and doing so faster and further has always been a dream for human beings. Here you can see, hear, and experience the telecommunication development of the past more than one hundred years in Taiwan. Different tools, such as: beacon firer, pigeon messengers, courier horses, megaphones, telescopes, and beacon light…etc, have been introduced. Through technology, distance no longer hinders communication.

Go for a Drive:VR Self-Driving(兜風趣-VR自動駕駛)

Go for a Drive:VR Self-Driving(兜風趣-VR自動駕駛)

Through the Virtual Reality (VR) Technology, the device is to let people experience the current state of smart driving, understand the convenience, and project the safety functions in the future. Location: 2F Power and Machinery (Smart Manufacturing Experience Zone) Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 09:00~12:20;13:00-16:20 Note: Experience time: 3 minutes Experience capacity: 1 person It is recommended for people over 12 years old.