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Life in Miniature Exhibition(微縮人生)

Life in Miniature Exhibition(微縮人生)

  • Exhibition date: 2022-01-13~2022-04-10
  • Exhibition place:B1


More than 60 dioramas of Japanese and Taiwanese daily life on display at “Life in Miniature Exhibition” in Kaohsiung

Miniature artists Hank Cheng from Taiwan and Takuji Yamada from Japan have teamed up to create a delightful art exhibit showcasing their works.
The artists have created over 60 dioramas depicting life in Taiwan and Japan, from the city streets to people’s daily life. The intricate detail of their works will surprise and delight visitors, who are certain to recognize details of the miniature scenes. In addition to scenes of life in the modern era, there are also historical dioramas depicting Taiwan and Japan as they were during different decades of the 20th century.
Hank Cheng has created some amazing pieces inspired by Taiwan’s streetscapes, traditional general stores and his own childhood memories. He is known for using common household items and waste materials to create tiny versions that look as though they have really been used within his miniature world. Yamada, who grew up during Japan’s Showa era, was inspired by many scenes from his youth, like heading off to school in the winter or spending time at home with his family. He excels at crafting scenes of people interacting and displaying realistic emotions.

With dioramas depicting scenes of daily life, the exhibition offers a slice of Taiwan and Japan without having to travel far. Visitors can experience what life was like in the 1920s to 1989.
The exhibition is being held during the winter vacation 2022. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy some spectacular, but tiny, views of Taiwan and Japan.
▲Exhibition date:2022/01/13~04/10
                 09:00~17:00 from Mon. to Sun. (stop ticket sales and admission at 16:30)
                 (If there is any change in the opening hours of the exhibition, please refer to the on-site announcement.)
▲Exhibition place:National Science and Technology Museum, the 4th Special Exhibition Gallery
▲Organizer:UdnFunLife Co., Ltd., HANK TOWN Diorama Factory, and National Science and Technology Museum


【On Site Ticket】
●Adults:$ 350
●Students/Children(ages over 3):$ 320 (Student ID must be shown. Student ID of graduate school, community college, Open University and executive education are not applicable.)
●Seniors(ages over 65)/Disabled:$ 175 (Valid identity needed.)
●Children(ages under 3):Free. (Must be accompanied by a paying adult.)
【Online/Kiosk Ticket】
Tickets are available via udn Ticketing, 7-ELEVEN ibon, FamiPort, Books, or Gomaji.
●Presale:$250 (available on April 27, 2021-January 12, 2022)
●Ticket:$350 (available on January 13- April 10, 2022)

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Life in Miniature Exhibition(微縮人生)